As South Africans get on board with the Fashion Revolution that’s redefining what it means to produce ethically manufactured clothing, our local designers are also coming to the fore.

One such designer is Tamsyn Johannisen, pictured above with the #IMadeYourClothes campaign running during the Fashion Revolution week, who designs for the brands Wear South Africa (Wear SA) and Democracy of Denim.

Both of those brands are at the forefront of the movement, which has proven popular with their followers, and it’s also something that is very important to Tamsyn.

She was interviewed by avid supporters and promoters of all things local, Afrikan Soul Headquarters Productions, and here’s what she had to say about changes she would like to see within the industry:

It would be that the consumer gets educated about clothing from grassroots level. If the majority of products bought were local, eventually cost would come down, the manufacturing sector would be revived, and our economy would benefit.

This doesn’t just translate to margins and profits – this also means that down the line the lives of South Africans can be improved.

I am aware of the numerous hands that one style passes through. I can visibly see the outcome of my work, and be involved from beginning to end.

It has also taught me so much about respect and equality, and that there is no difference between me and a machinist. We are equally important in achieving the vision of this company.

Here are some images of the incredible Wear SA and DOD designs that Tamsyn and her team are creating.

You can buy these designs at the Wear SA store at Menlyn Park Shopping Centre in Pretoria along with brands like Magents, bluecollarwhitecollar, Granadilla Swimwear, 2Bop, The Joinery, Rozanne & Pushkin and other local fashion, jewellery, accessory and interior brands.

All the photos below by Afrikan Soul Headquarters Productions:

Wear South African was also involved at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival, where their container proved very popular with those in attendance.

If you are in Cape Town, and you want to see more of those beautiful designs, you can head to Kenilworth Centre on April 29 (between 2PM and 3PM) or Canal Walk on May 6 (between 2PM and 3PM).

It really is heartening to see so many South Africans becoming increasingly conscious of where they buy their clothes from, because as Tamsyn herself says these are changes in mindset that ultimately benefit all South Africans.

Viva la Revolution!

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