Bluecollarwhitecollar is all about life, passion, a shirt and a tee. It’s about carefully made garments with a fantastic fit. There is no future vision or message, just garments with a retro-classic twist for everyone to look stylish in. Clothing that you will want to wear because it’s got personality and makes you look and feel good.

After many years of working in the fashion industry, we wanted to make something that we wanted to wear, were proud of, and an extension of our own lifestyles. A great cut, uniquely styled and never mass-produced.

From a background of winning five South African Fashion Awards, creating the legendary Carducci, Frank B Earnest and the quirky Wylde Oscar brand and stores, we design and produce our own product. We travel broadly to find diverse fabrics internationally and add our own unique styling details to offer you something that is classically timeless and has little to do with the latest fashion trends.

We work with highly skilled people in small factories in Cape Town, who we have known and worked with for a long time. They are old school, traditional producers, which are never the cheapest, but who gives us the look and finish we expect from them.

We believe that we have filled a gap and need in the market for unique, formal and casual shirts and tees that are unique, well-made and timeless.